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Unknown format (magic Number 683c) in Android Agent


i tried to install OCS on my System. I have OCS-Server with Version 2.2beta1 and i use the Android Agent Version 2.1.6

Everytime i want to inventory my Tablet it says "Unknown Format (magic Number 683c)"

What schould i do?


Yannek Steinweg

Klinik Preetz
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2 Answers

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Version of Android?


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One Tablet with 4.4.2 and another with 5.0.2 Both are showing this Error.
Today i tried it with an Windows Agent and the Windows Agent says, that the Inventory has been saved but the Inventoried Computer-List is empty.
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ocsinventory-android-agent: your error has been sent to the developper. We're waiting for his reply.

ocsinventory-windows-agent:  please post ocsinventory.log content. See apache error_log file on the ocs server.


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Apache Error_log:

ocsinventory-server: can't load SOAP::Transport::HTTP* - Web service will be unavailable



Starting OCS Inventory NG Agent on Monday, September 21, 2015 03:00:15.
AGENT => Running OCS Inventory NG Agent Version
AGENT => Using OCS Inventory NG FrameWork Version
AGENT => Loading plug-in(s)
AGENT => Using network connection with Communication Server
AGENT => Using Communication Provider <OCS Inventory NG cURL Communication Provider> Version <>
AGENT => Sending Prolog
ERROR *** AGENT => Failed to send Prolog <Couldn't connect to server>
AGENT => Unloading communication provider
AGENT => Unloading plug-in(s)
AGENT => Execution duration: 00:00:22.


I will see where is the problem with the Windows Agent. Maybe wrong URL. Is there a way to edit the URL after installation?
ocslog.txt on my Android now:

[...] connect to . . timed out.
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