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OCS Inventory Ridiculously Slow


I'm basically trying to take over the administration of this product without any previous documentation of the setup, so bare with me.

Recently, OCS has become so slow to the point it's unusable. We're running Ver. 2.0.4 on a 2003 R2 server. When attempting to hit the web console on http://ourserver/ocsreports/index.php it spins for roughly three minutes before loading the login screen. We can login, but there is no point in running a report as it will time out. Sometimes it just times out. Same is the case with http://localhost/ocsreports/ on the server itself.

We have never had this problem until recently, so I initially restarted the apache service and eventually rebooted the box as well without luck. I was looking through the apache error logs and came across thousands of the following instance:

Issuing rollback() due to DESTROY without explicit disconnect() of DBD::mysql::db handle database=ocsweb;host=localhost;port=3306 at E:/xampp/perl/site/lib/Apache/Ocsinventory.pm line 64

Can anybody shed any light into this? I'm not positive the two are related, but it seems kind of likely they are connected. Any help would be extremely helpful as the previous admin left no documentation and I'm trying to pick up the pieces here.
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Have you errors in mysql.log file ? Have you tuned mysql?


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