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agents can't communicate with the server



OCSNG windows server 2.1.2 on Windows XP

clients : OCS Agent 2.1.1

Xampp 1.7.3


I've been through a lot of tutorial pages for solving many issues and i eventually have my server installed, but here is the problem i can't solve: 


in the apache error log file i have : "File does not exist C:/xampp/htdocs/ocsinventory" and in my clients log file: "Cannot establish communication : 404 Not Found". the missing directory is the only error i get in the apache log file, i don't have any others like perl modules missing or anything. 


Looking for a way to solve this i found the page about "

  • 404: URL "/ocsinventory" cannot be found on server. You have made a mistake in Apache configuration. Do you have included in apache configuration content of apache_config file ? Do you have updated this content to match your need ?"


what does "updating content to my need" mean?


My guess so far : the virtual ocsinventory directory is not created (by perl?), but why? What is wrong with my apache config?


NB: the agents can access the http://my_ip/ocsreports but not the http://my_ip/ocsinventory. Also i've checked if the ocs config file was loaded in the apache config, and it was indeed. i verified the mysql password (in the "ocsinventory-server" and "dbconfig.inc.php" files too, and everything seemed right.

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1 Answer

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Is mod_perl module correctly installed on your ocs server? If yes, restart apache because mod_perl module is not active.


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Actually i uninstalled Xampp 1.7.3 and installed the one (version 1.7.7) included in the OCS server package. It didn't work right after installation, but restarting Apache did the trick, i guess in the last installation the mod_perl module was not active like you said and restarting made it work. But concerning the previous Xampp version i had (1.7.3), restarting didn't do much. Anyway it's working now so thank you for your answer :)
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