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"Can't call method "do" on an undefined value"

Hi !

I'm getting thoses messages when some clients are trying to connect to my server:

 Can't call method "do" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/Apache/Ocsinventory/Server/System.pm line 177.

I have checked and the line 177 is about the connection to do Database so I checked the parameters and apparently there is nothing wrong :

# Master Database settings
  # Replace DATABASE_SERVER by hostname or ip of MySQL server for WRITE
  PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_HOST 1*.*.*.*
  #PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_HOST localhost
  # Replace DATABASE_PORT by port where running MySQL server, generally 3306
  PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_PORT 3306
  # Name of database
  PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_NAME ocsweb
  PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_LOCAL ocsweb
  # User allowed to connect to database
  PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_USER ocs
  # Password for user
  PerlSetVar OCS_DB_PWD *****
I have a dedicated server for the Database, do I really need to keep setting the "OCS_DB_LOCAL" parameter?
I would appreciate any help.
My best regards,
Fabio S. Schmidt


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1 Answer

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Is your mysql listening on the network for external connexions ?

Look on your mysql user if it can connect from remote. If all are OK, just look if there is no firewall.
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