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2.1.1: Duplicates found but not displayed when pressing on "MAC Address only"

Hello all,

this is a rather old issue I have been having. I'm running a network of around 170 Windows PCs. Initially, I had OCS-NG installed at version 1.x, alongside GLPI. Everything worked fine, including detection of duplicates as well as merging them.

This installation, after various upgrades is now on version 2.1.1. Most of my clients are running Along this upgrade road, at some point the duplicates presented a problem. The server still sees duplicate systems, mainly due to the fact that I am renaming these windows clients.

For example, clicking the "Duplicates" option in web admin, it states currently that 8 systems have a duplicate MAC address ("MAC address only: 8"). And so far, so good. But if I click on the number "8", it doesn't show me the 8 systems that have identical (usually pairs of) MAC addresses. Instead, it shows a "NO RESULT"!

If I display all clients, I can clearly find those with duplicate MAC addresses. Why aren't these displayed when I click on the number "8" above?

The activity log does not help, it is filled with information from clients publishing their status to the server. Nothing is produced when I click on "8".

Can you help me debug this please? I have written about the same issue when it first appeared, but the answer back then was the agent at that time finally ended up being to update the server and clients (which I did). See original thread at https://www.ocsinventory-ng.org/forums.ocsinventory-ng.org/viewtopic.php?id=12378

How can I finally solve this? It's driving me nuts. 3 years, and I still can't figure out what's wrong here.
Again, this was not like this from the start. It started happening on a specific OCS-NG version (before
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1 Answer

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I was able to reproduce the issue also after upgrading the server to version 2.2.

Can anyone advise what to look for?
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