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Duplicate Records with OCS due to backend InnoDB corruption. (MyISAM seems to work ok)

Hello, I have all the tables under ocsweb are set to use InnoDB, this causes duplicate records again and again. If i can alter the tables to use MyISAM engine, then everything works ok.

I did everything possible but the duplicates happening because of InnoDB. Your help will be greatly appreciated, i tried all my best before bothering you guys here. Ask me if you need any special logs.  

Assuming this is due to InnoDB corruption, I took a backup of the ocsweb DB, removed /var/lib/mysql, upgraded to MySQL 5.6, imported OCSWEB and changed the tables engine to InnoDB. Always  ocsinventory itself is working okay but duplicates starts pouring in. this is driving me nutz, the only way to stop the duplicates is to return back to MyISAM but i am not sure what will be the impact because i am using type tables foriegn keys as described in http://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/index.php?title=Developers:Type_tables.

I tried setting AUTO_DUPLICATE_LVL to serial alone, then tried with Serial Number and hostname and other combinations.
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Please help guys, ocsweb's DB MYISAM engine works perfectly. if i change the engine to INNODB on the tables under ocsweb, then duplicate records are generated.
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