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How to setup ldaps or tls

How can I setup ocs to use ldaps or starttls? We have enabled ldap signing requirements in our domain and now ocs ldap auth has stopped working. I have tried changing the port to 636 but the client does not seem to recognize that is for ldaps. If I use 389, the DC will reject it because it is not signed. I do not see any options in the config files to enable ldaps or tls support.

Oh I had to add this line to the /etc/ldap/ldap.conf to make other apps on the same server work properly but OCS does not work still:

TLS_REQCERT     never
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1 Answer

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Ok I got it working without modifying any code in case someone else has the issue. I looked at the PHP files and determined it would be easiest to get ldaps working. All that was required was to change CONEX_LDAP_SERVEUR from <domainname> to ldaps://<domainname>

and set the port CONEX_LDAP_PORT to 636
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