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How can I report my network drives ?


My server version is 2.3.1 and my agent 2.3.

How can I get my network drives in the ocsreport interface ? Something to activate ?

My network drives are deployed with a vbs script and the command WshNetwork.MapNetworkDrive.

Everything works fine, except this !

Thanks for helping
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By default OCS inventories network shares. For your plugin have you copied the .vbs file in c:\program files (x86)\ocs inventory ng\agent\plugins directory? If yes you should have the result in the xml file. Run this command from command line => ocsinventory.exe /debug=2 /server=http://fqdn_or_ip/ocsinventory:port_if_needed /xml /local c:\temp


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Thanks to answer me.

You don't understand, my vbs script is for the deployement of my network drive (in the user's configuration, some people use a .bat file, I prefer the vbs file), not in OCS

Everybody told me "By default OCS inventories network shares.", but on all reports, they don't appear :/
Something to look to investigate ?

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for your request, the plugin "Network share" seems perfect.

This plugin is independent of your VBS script allowing connections to your network disks.

This plugin is used in several steps:

- Installing the ZIP plugin file in the OCS inventory server
- Copy of the VBS script provided with the plugin (not yours!) in the Windows client for the feedback of the network drives
- Manual or automatic inventory of your Windows client, creation of a .OCS inventory file and display new informations on the OCS server.

Regards, St├ęphane
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Ok thanks !

I'll try this next week.!
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I look for the solution thanks.
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