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Asset merging OCS

Hi Guys!

I´ve got a problem with merging assets in OCS.

I´ve created a new Account Info named "Leasing". I fill in the Leasing Start date for the assets.

Here my problem:

If i set up a computer with a new name or i change the name of an asset, ocs merge the asset but deleate my "Leasing" entry.


Someone an idea?
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2 Answers

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Normally OCS should keep existing accountinfo entries if you really are merging and not deleting the old entry an letting OCS create a new one.   Is the merge happening automatically due to your duplicate handling configuration (MAC/Serial) or are you selecting the old/new items and merging duplicates manually?   In the latter case it should show on the screen when it saves the old accountinfo data and merges to the newer entry.
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The merging happens automatically (MAC/Serial musst be equal).

I´ve never tried to turn this off an just merge the assets manually.

Should I try this?
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