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.OCS files did not generated

Good morning, everyone.

My problems becomes hard to trace it. 

The OS platform is a centos7. The server of ocs is 2.3.1 (just updated).

The slave server got all info about client without problem.

I follow ocs inventory ng web site about generated .ocs files (http://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/index.php?title=Documentation:Synchoserv) to syncronize between servers. But even with that guidelines, my real problem becomes that one of the servers (slave)  did not generated the .ocs file

This is a piece of log

Fri Apr 21 12:21:46 2017;3652;320;SIN0860078992-2017-03-17-07-26-47;;OCS-NG_WINDOWS_AGENT_v2.0.0.20;session;end
Fri Apr 21 12:21:46 2017;3652;101;SIN0860078992-2017-03-17-07-26-47;;OCS-NG_WINDOWS_AGENT_v2.0.0.20;inventory;transmitted
Fri Apr 21 12:29:31 2017;11554;100;SIN0860078934-2016-07-20-14-38-44;;OCS-NG_WINDOWS_AGENT_v2.0.0.20;prolog;accepted
Fri Apr 21 12:29:31 2017;11554;311;SIN0860078934-2016-07-20-14-38-44;;OCS-NG_WINDOWS_AGENT_v2.0.0.20;session;started
Fri Apr 21 12:30:19 2017;32697;319;SIN0860078934-2016-07-20-14-38-44;;OCS-NG_WINDOWS_AGENT_v2.0.0.20;session;found
Fri Apr 21 12:30:19 2017;32697;104;SIN0860078934-2016-07-20-14-38-44;;OCS-NG_WINDOWS_AGENT_v2.0.0.20;inventory;incoming
Fri Apr 21 12:30:19 2017;32697;113;SIN0860078934-2016-07-20-14-38-44;;OCS-NG_WINDOWS_AGENT_v2.0.0.20;inventory;u:drives
Fri Apr 21 12:30:19 2017;32697;520;SIN0860078934-2016-07-20-14-38-44;;OCS-NG_WINDOWS_AGENT_v2.0.0.20;postinventory;/var/tmp/ocs/SIN0860078934-2016-07-20-14-38-44.ocs: No such file or directory

The path /var/tmp/ocs has the 777 rights... I tried with other paths.. but at the end, i've been get the same.. the ocs file doesnt show itself.

Any tips

Thanks in advance.

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