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How to Install OCS Server in windows

Hello OCS Support Team,

I want to install OCS inventory NG on windows machine, however i am not able to get any step by step installation.

Could you please share link or document like OS preparation ( i.e. prerequisite package and software need to install ) and NG server installation steps.


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3 Answers

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First of all, the current windows version of the OCS server is not up to date...

In order to obtain a recent version of the OCS server, it is advisable to choose the Linux version or wait for a future version of Windows (several important updates are not today included in this architecture).

For testing purposes, you can always try the Windows installation but let it be really different from the one in Linux (you can also use a virtual machine like CentOs or Debian, for example)

> If you are in a production environment and your server will be accessible from the Internet, I recommend Linux.

Otherwise, for the installation of the server under Windows, the tutorials are actually more rare or obsolete ... Finally, the best would probably be to buy a book on the subject ... Do you speak French ?

Regards, St├ęphane
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Thanks for your answer Stephan, I will try it to install on linux.

I am not speck french.
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I was asking you if you were speaking French because a fairly comprehensive book was written by a Frenchman, but I am not sure that it was translated.

Installing on Linux (Debian for example) remains the best solution... Enjoy !

Regards, St├ęphane
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