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Load large packets

Good morning, I'm trying to create a package to run Windows updates, but if the files are very large it leaves an error and does not create, with the little ones there is no problem. If they could help me, I can not know the maximum size of the packages or how to change it. Thank you very much
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In the case of a large packet and if the targets are part of the same local network, it is preferable to drop the sources of your package on a network share (server, NAS, etc.).

> So you download the package only once rather than consume Internet bandwidth, but maybe your OCS Inventory server is in the same LAN as your customers ?

Otherwise, several files define the maximum size of a remote deployment, like :

For Debian : /etc/apache2/conf.d/ocsinventory-reports.conf or in php.ini :

upload_max_filesize =
post_max_size =


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