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"Information" -> "Statistics" shows "No Files"


When i navigate to "Information" -> "Statistics" i just see a notification with the text "No Files".

What is OCS supposed to show here, where would that information be stored and why is it empty for me?

Version OCSReports: 2.3.1

EDIT - as i cant comment

While St├ęphane comment in the log-visualization thread worked, this solution is not working for me. Actually it changed nothing.

After navigating to 'Information' -> 'Statistics' i still get 'No Files.' Choosing 'Connection per days' on the left shows nothing, while selecting the second option in the left menu 'Misc' worked as before.

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Hi, my answer to your question :


... must also solve this problem of statistics ... If this is not the case for you, add double slashs at the beginning of the lines in the following file :


        //if (!is_readable($ms_cfg_file)) {
            msg_info("No Files");
            return false;

Regards, St├ęphane

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