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Deployment stuck

WARNING: Can't find information file at https://myip/download/1412165548/
WARNING: Can't find fragments files at http://myip/download/1412165548/

Are you sure to want to activate this package?

First stept make a file:

Your package was successfully created in the directory /var/lib/ocsinventory-reports/download/1412165548

Well i dont know how to fix that error. But it is very important to get that part work.

In folder:


I find 2 files in that folder, the timestamp-file and the info file with a size 402 b.

At the tab config-deployment i set the path

DOWNLOAD_URI_FRAG -> my-ip/download

DOWNLOAD_URI_INFO -> my-ip/download

SSL seems not work in ocs-inventory. If i call webmin over https it works.

Some ideas needed here :)
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