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Ubuntu 16.04 Installation Nightmare

This is the biggest nightmare I've ever experienced. I'm a Windows person and our Linux Server fell over. So having to rebuild the VM server and Ubuntu 16.04 and now up to the OCS Inventory installation.

I've spent 4 days trying to get this working
I gave up on Ubuntu the first time and tried Windows, but Windows didnt work either following these instructions but it had more errors than Microsoft could dream of.

Im using a 32bit Dell Server running Ubuntu 16.04.

I'm following these instructions which look very complete - but they dont work.

Everything was going smooth uptil this part
sh setup.sh

The sh setup.sh appears to be running fine, but it keeps having errors.
I finally found some sort of log file ... /OCSNG_UNIX_SERVER-2.2/ocs_server_setup.log some how and it has these errors..

See screen shots.

Can someone help me please. Im lost without OCS here.

Can this still be installed and run on either windows or Ubuntu?? If so is there a complete step by step instruction on how to?? I thought it would be easy, but it seems impossible.

First Error


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it look like you don't have the right to install OCS. You must run the install as root.

Try to launch the installer with this command :

sudo sh setup.sh
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