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OCS Agent Linux in OCS Inventory Windows?

Good evening im new with OCS Inventory , recently i installed OCS Inventory in Windows and added some Agents (Windows too) in the same place, i have computers with Linux and my question is the same, can i put the Agents in Linux for my Inventory in Windows? Thanks you.
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1 Answer

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All agent are compatible with the server if his major version is not superior to the server version. For exemple, the Unix agent version 2.0 or the windows agent 2.1 are compatible with serveur 2.1 but Unix agent 2.3 are not compatible with server 2.1.

We don't recommand to use windows as server : there is currently no more maintenance (some dependancies don't run anymore on windows) many security hole (openssl is in very old version) and bad performance. Think to run a server on linux.
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