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Help Add column

Hi im trying to add column in the table on all computers. How can i do this?
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Hi @daniloqc

in a database, you can a column of a table going through phpmyadmin :


 - Expand the tree of your database (ocsweb for ex.),
 - Choose the table concerned, click on columns,

 - Below the list of columns, you can add a column "at the end of the table", "at the beginning of the table" or "after the ID ..."

CAUTION : Proceed carefully, this action is sensitive !

Tip : Before creating a new column, please note the structure of an already existing identical column (type, collation, attributes, null, default, etc.)

Otherwise, you can also add an administrative data in OCS interface, this will create a new column (fields_x) in the accountinfo table of the database (safe method).

Regards, St├ęphane

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where can i add an administrative data in OCS interface? I dont found this option.

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Which version of the OCS server do you have ?

In a recent version of OCS (eg v. 2.3.1 or 2.4) it is in "Manage, Administrative data"

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i got it. Thank you for reply ..........................
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