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Some Software is counted twice

Some Software is counted twice per Machine. For example Acrobat 9.1

How does the Software-Count work ? We have checked the registry on the machines with double Counts and see, that for Acrobat 9.1 for example there are 2 entries in the registry ...

OCS Server 2.4
OCS Agent 2.3
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2 Answers

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All informations are get from windows registry. If there is write Acrobat 9.1 and Acrobat 9.2 are installed on the computer, then OCS report the software twice. The problem come from bad software installer that don't remove correctly their entry when you uninstall them or simple add new entry for an update.

Some specialized software scan the computer and the registry to clean those old entry : That's the best solution actually.
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In our Case it is only one install of Acrobat 9.1 , no updates, fresh install ...
In OCS Software-List there are 2 entry with exact the same Name "Acrobat 9.1"

Cleanings the registry brings no other results. there ale still 2 entrys for Acrobat in the registry. one in "....local-Maschine" and one in "...User"

Acrobat 9.1 in this case is just a example, we have more Software with duplicate entry in ocs ...
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