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software doesn't display [closed]


I have  installed the latest version of the server ( via git ) . Everything seems OK: the server is correctly installed ( with an update of the database at the first login) , the windows agent correctly send the inventory to the server . But the software of the computers doesn't display . When I download the xml file of the computer , i can see all the software listed .

thanks for your help
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2 Answers

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On wich OS/Linux distribution have you install your server ?

On wich OS/Linux distribution have you install the agent ?

Wich version of the agent ?

When you said that you have install the latest version with git, you means that you have download the tar.gz of the release on github or that you have do a git clone of a development version ?

can you give us the log of the agent in debug mode ?
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The problem was from the web console which wasn't up to date . It's now resolve .
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