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How to use 2 differents certificates on OCS


I red that OCS agent doesn't accept wildcard certificate. But i absolutely need a signed certificate because i can't have the navigator security warning that we get with autosgned certificate.

Someone know if it's possible to configure one autosigned certificate for the agent and one wildcard certificate just for the web page?

Informations. OCS server is a Debian 8, Apache version 2.4.1,

Thank you very much for your help.
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1 Answer

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Hi  @lefoudu1010, actualy you can use any certificate, do You have a CA inside your Organization? If yes you can simple generate a CSR (with multiple hostnames if necessary) on your OCSServer machine and issue it from your CA, I believe that this is the best practice.

If You haven't, You can just issue a self-signed certificate, copy the .CER file and rename it to cacert.pem, this file must be set on your agents and use the parameter /SSL=1.

Also, you must use exactly the same hostname or FQDN that the certificate was issued on your agent definitions.

I hope this helps.
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