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Existing devices not updating inventory [closed]

Hello Gents,

Got a weird symptom:

Just notice our devices stop updating to inventory (Last Inventory) like one month ago; however, they are contacting back to OCS server (Last Contact)

-Existing devices are having trouble update inventory.

-New device will be added to inventory; however, after the first insert, it will not update inventory, only contacting.

Here is our setup:

OCS Inventory NG Server version: 2.1.2

OS: Windows Server 2012 R2

Client Agent version: and


Here are some discoveries:


Found some repeated entries in "C:\xampp\apache\logs\error.log":

Issuing rollback() due to DESTROY without explicit disconnect() of DBD::mysql::db handle database=ocsweb;host=localhost;port=3306 at C:/xampp/perl/site/lib/Apache/Ocsinventory.pm line 64.

Also, check the PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_USER in "C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\ocsinventory-server.conf" and verify it can connect to the mySQL database.


Client Agent:

It logged Error entry in Application Event log: Service encounter error <OCS Inventory NG Agent encounter an error (exit code is 4 => Failed to talk with Communication Server)>.

Also checked the ocsinventory.log:

Starting OCS Inventory NG Agent on Wednesday, August 01, 2018 13:29:46.

AGENT => Running OCS Inventory NG Agent Version

AGENT => Using OCS Inventory NG FrameWork Version

AGENT => Loading plug-in(s)

AGENT => Using network connection with Communication Server

AGENT => Using Communication Provider <OCS Inventory NG cURL Communication Provider> Version <>

AGENT => Sending Prolog

AGENT => Prolog successfully sent

SUPPORT => No support detected, Registration key : N/A

AGENT => Inventory required

AGENT => Launching hardware and software checks

AGENT => Sending Inventory

INVENTORY => Inventory changed since last run

ERROR *** AGENT => Failed to send Inventory <HTTP Status Code #500>

AGENT =>  Communication Server ask for Package Download

AGENT => Unloading communication provider

AGENT => Unloading plug-in(s)

AGENT => Execution duration: 00:00:15.


For the Error 500, we checked the PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_USER in "C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\ocsinventory-server.conf" and verify it can connect to the mySQL database.

Need some guidance to troubleshoot further.


closed with the note: We gave up OCS on Windows; going to deploy OCS on Linux
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3 Answers

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Check that the database username, password, hostname are correct in both z-ocsinventory-server.conf AND zz-ocsinventory-restapi.conf
Update/Install will create the "zz-ocsinventory-restapi.conf" file with default values.
Had same problem, updated "zz-ocsinventory-restapi.conf" with correct db user, pwd, host and all was well.
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Hello Garnet17,

Thanks for your answer; however this is a Windows box. 

Cannot find zz-ocsinventory-restapi.conf or anything with ocsinventory-restapi.conf



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Hello All,

We decided to switch from Windows' version of OCS to Linux based.

Thank you all for help.


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