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Import local error

Hi mi problem is in import local HTTP / 1.1 Error 400 Bad Request and i do not know how to solve it 

OCS Inventory server installed in Windows Server 2008

and report generet .ocs in windows 10

OCS Inventory  windows server 2.1.2

OCS Agent windows

i use To server: http://localhost:80/ocsinventory

        To server: http://localhost:8083/ocsinventory

Thank you!

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2 Answers

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i had similar issues please try this from



root@srv-ocs-glpi-dev-trunk:~/OCSInventory-Server/binutils# perl ocsinventory-injector.pl --url -d ocs_files/  --verbose
Loading ocs_files//USER-PC-2017-09-05-11-43-20.ocs...OK

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whats you also can do


Lignes 184 au lien de  :
"Host: $host\n" . "User-Agent: OCS_local_" . GUI_VER . "\r\n" .
mettre :

"Host: $host\r\n" . "User-Agent: OCS_local_" . GUI_VER . "\r\n" .

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