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Error collecting data on VMs

I'm using a Virtualbox environment to test OCS. In the image below it is shown that two machines were found. Some hardware information is shown.

When clicking on "vm-cliente-02" I notice that the memory information does not appear.

When viewing the host softwares, I have the following list:

When I try to view all software known by OCS nothing is shown.


Is there some configuration missing?

I'm using the ocsinventory-docker-image:2.12 and mysql 8.0.

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4 Answers

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maybe you forgot to run ../ocsreports/crontab/cron_all_software.php ?

How much software is displayed in the general statistics ?

For the RAM, what is the version of the OCS agent ?
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Agent version installed on Windows hosts: x64.

Note that the agent does not collect data about a VM's RAM memory.

As expected, information about the software is collected. They are just not listed under "All Software".

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When I ran /usr/bin/php cron_all_software.php. I was able to view all the software. Create a script schedule in Cron to resolve the issue.

I got this tip from the internet:

nano /etc/cron.d/ocsinventory

0 0 * * * www-data cd /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/crontab/ && /usr/bin/php cron_all_software.php

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I still can't see memory information in a test environment that uses Virtualbox.

I'm using the OCS Inventory agent on real machines. From these machines it is possible to collect memory data.
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