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multi criteria search - deplyoment

Hy, with ocs-inventory 2.12.1 i want to search for computers with a specific name and a specific package which is "waiting notified"

In ocsinventory 2.05 i can do that with

Computer name EXACTLI examplename and

deployment: Packages "having "FOR THE PACKAGE" gimp in state "waiting notified"

I searched through nearly all settings but cant find a similar search.

The package deployment statistics does not help because i want to combine searches (computername, free space and so on)

Kind regards

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2 Answers

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More simple : Deployment > Activate > (package) -> Statistics in a new windows then click on Number for Waiting Notification. Then you could add more conditions ...

The criteria is (Devices:Name = DOWNLOAD) & (Devices:ivalue = X) & (Devices:tvalue is null) with X=ID of Packages, not Timestamp !

(Maybe I don't read the end of your question ...)

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Thanks.. this works .. Old OCS-Inventory 2.05 way was easier .. but i think this helps me a lot.

Thanks jacquesh
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