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OCS agent on mobile devices

Dear Team

‚ÄčI installed OCS agent on mobile, Samsung Galaxy and it works fine .It will be perfect if all imported mobiles will be stored into Phones menu.

Is it possible that OCSInventory agent take the Device Name of the mobile and put it directly to the name in GLPI. See Picture  attached

If I imported 100 mobiles and they have all a name like <NAME>SM-A310F-c9efb15d0d9f1e57</NAME> I will have a problem to link a user with them. On each mobile I will put the username on DEVICE NAME so it will be easy for me to set a user .

Is the OCS agent available for IPhone ?


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2 Answers

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There is an OCS agent for Windows, Android, Mac and Linux / UNIX. There is no agent for iOS.

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Thanks for your answer. Regarding the others questions ,can you answer to them if possible

The TAG OCS seems the easiest way to identify the android phone.

I put the device name into the the TAG tab in the OCS Agent installed on the mobile, removed the mobile from GLPI, synchronized but Mobile always appear in GLPI despite the new name that I set on TAG.

How can we set the TAG OCS?

Is there any help regarding this issue.

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i need an IOS Agent, too.

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