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Problems importing XML locally through the web

Hi Folks,

I am having some trouble importing XML files that were generated by the OCS Inventory agent. I am using the OCS Inventory web server in order to import it manually (the XML was generated by manually running the agent with /local /xml=path_to_xml).

I think I am having some problems with some additional fields that I am generating through a plugin that I have built. So, when importing the XML, I got an Internal Server Error message (500). So I have removed the parts that my plugin added to the XML file and I was able to import it with no errors. 

However, now I am trying to add each new element to the XML at a time so that I may find what is wrong. The problem is that I can no longer import this XML because I always get an Internal Server Error (even when I stick to the XML that once worked). I have turned on OCS debuggin flag (OCS_OPT_LOGLEVEL) and I get the following lines in activity.log whenever I try to import this XML:

  • Fri Nov  4 09:01:31 2016;18881;318;MV001534-2016-06-06-17-13-18;;OCS_local_7009;session;missing
  • Fri Nov  4 09:01:31 2016;18881;114;MV001534-2016-06-06-17-13-18;;OCS_local_7009;inventory;no_session

As far as I was able to understand, OCS tries to find a corresponding row in prolog_conntrack table, but there is no such row. What should I do? The XML query tag is INVENTORY. I saw that in order to have this row in prolog_conntrack, I should import an XML with PROLOG in the query tag... Is it correct? How can I do it? What could have happened?

I would be very pleased to understand the dynamics behind the import action and prolog. Answers may be in english or french!

Thank you very much,

Rafael GuimarĂ£es

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Try with ocsinventory-injector.pl script :

perl ocsinventory-injector.pl -v -r -f file.ocs -u http://localhost/ocsinventory


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I get the same problem when I try to use ocsinventory-injector.pl...

Loading /root/MV001534-2016-06-06-17-13-18.xml...ERROR: 500 Internal Server Error

And on activity.log:

Fri Nov  4 11:10:03 2016;18875;318;MV001534-2016-06-06-17-13-18;;OCS-NG_INJECTOR_PL_v3;session;missing
Fri Nov  4 11:10:03 2016;18875;114;MV001534-2016-06-06-17-13-18;;OCS-NG_INJECTOR_PL_v3;inventory;no_session

What can I do?
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See FAQ :

Error 500 :

Solution: OCS engine can't comunicate with mysql server. Probably due to a wrong mysql account. You have to check z-ocsinventory-server.conf (ocsinventory-server.conf on Windows Server), exactly theses few lines

  # Master Database settings
  # Replace localhost by hostname or ip of MySQL server for WRITE
  PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_HOST localhost
  # Replace 3306 by port where running MySQL server, generally 3306
  PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_PORT 3306
  # Name of database
  PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_NAME ocsweb
  PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_LOCAL ocsweb
  # User allowed to connect to database
  PerlSetEnv OCS_DB_USER ocs
  # Password for user
  PerlSetVar OCS_DB_PWD ocs

Modify OCS_DB_USER and OCS_DB_PWD with your own account, restart apache, and finaly launch an inventory.


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I have checked it, but that's not the problem.

After debugging the perl modules, I have found that the problem is that the DEVICEID of the XML is not present in the prolog_conntrack table. 

This code is executed in the Inventory.pm:

 # Check prolog
  if( !check_session( \%Apache::Ocsinventory::CURRENT_CONTEXT ) ){
    &_log( 114, 'inventory', 'no_session');
      &_log( 115, 'inventory', 'refused');
  #Inventory incoming
  &_log(104,'inventory','incoming') if $ENV{'OCS_OPT_LOGLEVEL'};
  # Put the inventory in the database
  return APACHE_SERVER_ERROR if &_update_inventory( \%SECTIONS, \@SECTIONS );

check_session returns false and event 114 is logged. Then, it returns the APACHE_SERVER_ERROR.

That seems to happen because no prolog event was triggered before. When a windows agent send the inventory, I can see from the log that it triggers a prolog event, then it triggers an inventory event. How can I do this locally? What am I doing wrong?

Best regards

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The XML file is valid ? Try with an XML file from OCSReports and/or from another agent.

Activity.log sample :

Wed Nov  2 08:57:02 2016;2905;318;PCXXX-2016-01-24-15-19-34;::1;OCS-NG_INJECTOR_PL_v3;session;missing
Wed Nov  2 08:57:02 2016;2905;114;PCXXX-2016-01-24-15-19-34;::1;OCS-NG_INJECTOR_PL_v3;inventory;no_session
Wed Nov  2 08:57:02 2016;2905;104;PCXXX-2016-01-24-15-19-34;::1;OCS-NG_INJECTOR_PL_v3;inventory;incoming
Wed Nov  2 08:57:02 2016;2905;113;PCXXX-2016-01-24-15-19-34;::1;OCS-NG_INJECTOR_PL_v3;inventory;u:printers
Wed Nov  2 08:57:02 2016;2905;113;PCXXX-2016-01-24-15-19-34;::1;OCS-NG_INJECTOR_PL_v3;inventory;u:uptime
Wed Nov  2 08:57:02 2016;2905;113;PCXXX-2016-01-24-15-19-34;::1;OCS-NG_INJECTOR_PL_v3;inventory;u:drives
Wed Nov  2 08:57:02 2016;2905;113;PCXXX-2016-01-24-15-19-34;::1;OCS-NG_INJECTOR_PL_v3;inventory;u:sharedfolders
Wed Nov  2 08:57:02 2016;2905;101;PCXXX-2016-01-24-15-19-34;::1;OCS-NG_INJECTOR_PL_v3;inventory;transmitted


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I have tried with the XML generated by OCSReports and I get exactly the same error. Is there anything to do with the prolog_conntrack table? I am sticked to this issue because the check_session function in the Inventory.pm module makes a select that returns 0E0, what causes the error.

Any ideas?

sub check_session {
  my $current_context = shift;
  my $dbh = $current_context->{DBI_HANDLE};
  my $deviceId = $current_context->{DEVICEID};

    &_log(317,'session', 'always_true') if $ENV{'OCS_OPT_LOGLEVEL'};
    return 1;

  my $check = $dbh->do('SELECT DEVICEID FROM prolog_conntrack WHERE DEVICEID=? AND (UNIX_TIMESTAMP()-TIMESTAMP<?)',
               {}, $deviceId, $ENV{OCS_OPT_SESSION_VALIDITY_TIME});

    &_log(526,'session', 'error') if $ENV{'OCS_OPT_LOGLEVEL'};
    return 0;
    &_log(318,'session', 'missing') if $ENV{'OCS_OPT_LOGLEVEL'};
    return 0;

    &_log(319,'session', 'found') if $ENV{'OCS_OPT_LOGLEVEL'};
    return 1;

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Something in apache and mysql error.log ?
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