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Synchronize master-slave data of all agents sending to slave

Hi all,

I am new to the forums so please accept my apologies if this question has already been asked and replied. Unfortunately I could not find the answer, therefore I am posting this...

I tried out the solution about injecting the .ocs file to the master server and that worked fine but only the information related to the server itself, nothing else, is actually shown on the master OCS NG system... so my question is: how can I export all the information gathered by the slave OCS NG system and push it to the master OCS NG server?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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The "master" server can only import information from the .OCS files :



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hi cb58,

it seems like you did not understand my original message  ;-)

I already know how to inject one or several .ocs files to the OCS NG master server from the slave. I wanted to know if there is a way to export all the data about the agents gathered by the slave server and send it to the master...

I finally implemented a NFS-based solution in which all clients also generate an .ocs file and drop it to that NFS-shared location on the slave and a new script will inject all those .ocs files to the master on a regular basis.

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The agents should contact the server in http [s] to use all OCS features (deployment, ipdiscover, ...). You can ask the "slave" server to automatically generate .OCS files each time an agent sends an inventory.

On this screenshot, the "slave" server places the .OCS files in the /var/spool/ocsinventory/out directory.

For agents that do not communicate regularly, the only solution I know is to manually export ocs files via OCSReports.


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