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problem with ipdiscover in other subnets


i have a problem with ip-discovering through some subnets. I've installed the Agent (Ver. 2.1.1) on two Clients in my own subnet. I checked the configuration at "host -> configuration -> network-scan", everything is looking fine. They got inventored and i can run an ip-discover on the server in this network with about 100 results (SNMP is working too, certificates are OK). Now i installed agents on two clients in another subnet(with certificates, everything OK) and again checked the configuration at "host -> configuration -> network-scan" (everything fine). They got inventored, but i can't run an ipdiscover on the server in this network. I did exactly the same for those two subnets, one is working one isn't. Do u have any ideas about this problem?
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1 Answer

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Do you have errors in apache error_log or error.log file when you run ipdiscover on your network?


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