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How can attribute PC to an account

Good day all,

I just installed OCS server 2.3.1 and an agent to a Windows 10 worstation. During the windows agent installation I entered a tag name (toto) and now, when I lunch http://myserver/ocsreports/ I can see an new entry. Under the "Account info: TAG" colomn, I can see ma 'toto' tag.

I also install an agent into another PC but I gave another name as the PC belong to another group. Let call this second group 'titi'.

I lunched I lunch http://myserver/ocsreports/, and now, I can see two entries , one with titi tag and the other with toto tag.

I create two new user, "titi-gp" and "toto-gp".

What, I want, when I longin with titi-gp, I only can view the entry with 'titi' tag, and when I login with toto-gp, I only can see the entries with toto tag.

Is there a way to do it?

Many thank for your advise, Cheers
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2 Answers

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As far as I know, it is not possible.
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Create local users titi, toto then attach tag titi to user titi and so on for user toto.


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