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Cant retrieve info from Agent


greetings from Spain

I have just installed in a SERVER 2008 this software

XAMPP  + OCS Server ver 2.1.2, all runs - as far i can see - properly

The problem is when I install in a client PC the Agent, first question.

my url server direction is

all seems ok, but i cant see nothing from the  admin console.

I thought about firewall issue and make new rules for this, but nothing happens.

I tried install Agent NG directly  in my SERVER to fetch local info, ,and not working neither.


Is there any trick to check if all is properly installed?

Thanks in advance.
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1 Answer

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Greetings from France. 

  1. You can't use agent 2.3.0 with server 2.1.2. 2.1.x agent's version is the maximum version you can use. 
  2. Have you restarted apache after the installation?
  3. Look in c:\xampp\apache\logs\error.log if you have an error 400 (I suppose you have)



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