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Deployment->Activate: WARNING: Can't find information file at https://[server-fqn]/download/[id]

For testing and documentation I install OCS Inventory NG 2.3.1 on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS.
Access with https is enabled, certificate match server fqn. I use a self signed certificate.
Deployment->Build seems to work. I can upload files and they are seen in the folder, I can also access the folder with https://[server-fqn]/download/[id]/

I check apache2 access.log/error.log and activity.log, but there are no errors reported.

Can someone help me to find out, what's wrong in my configuration? I spend already several hours, but without luck.

Here are some screenshots from the error:

I also have a error when I click on the red marked button (perhaps it comes from the same issue?)

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The fragments are downloaded without ssl. So use http directly.


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Hi Frank,

thank you for your response. But when I access the page without ssl, the same error comes up.

Some more ideas? Could it be a folder ore file right issue?
Let me know If i should attach my documentation draft to this ticket or send it to you.
I hope someone can help me...


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I really hope someone can help me to get the Deployment feature working.

If someone like to reproduce, I publish my documentation draft under

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Is there no one who can help me with this problem?

I can't believe that I'm the only one....
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I got the same as you i didn't find a solution either yet
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Hi gqut,
can we discuss and share our informations?
It seems no dev/sup/exp read this forum and we are still alone.
I thought this product is still in development and have a good community?!
I hope to hear something from you.

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I send you my mail by private messages
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At least I found out that this is a cosmetic issue. 

Although this message was shown, teledeploy works! 

Thanks to gqut poiting me to the right way.
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I have same issue for a while, and even if I knew that it was a cosmetic error, I have always found it very annoying. So today I start searching for others that had same problem, and I think that I found a solution that I want to share with you.

I took this question as it seems the last one.

I am using debian 8 and using cacert.org certificates.

Add new certificates:

wget http://www.cacert.org/certs/root.crt -O /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/cacert-root.crt

wget http://www.cacert.org/certs/class3.crt -O /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/cacert-class3.crt


Restart Apache. That should work. It worked for me. If you are not using Debian/CACert.org then this solution does not work for you. Follow other procedures if you have other OS/CA certificate authority.

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Check to make sure you have the certificates (Root/Int) installed on your server. If you can access the path from the browser on your workstation, but still get this message then your server probably can't resolve the Int/root certificate path. The server is acting as the guest here.
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