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How to notify agent they have to download a package?


I manage to create packages and activate them but they are all in a status " WAITING NOTIFICATION" ( ATTENTE NOTIFICATION).

I use the last version of OCS currently and didn't find anything about that on the documentation.

Thanks in advance,

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The installation of a package / script / or other from the OCS Inventory server is initiated when the client agent connects to the server.

As soon as the client agent connects to the OCS server, a package can be deployed this way (not otherwise).

In your case, there are several assumptions:

- Your client computer is turned off, standby, hibernate, or disconnected from the network
- The delay between 2 inventories is too long (it can be fixed in the OCS interface of the server)
- The connection configuration of the client to the server is not good (ip, port, missing certificate, etc.)

The solution: Connect to the client and force the execution of a new inventory of the machine, this will pass the status to "NOTIFIED" and will allow the installation of your package.

If necessary, check the correct communication between the client and the server by reading the log file of the client's ocsinventory directory.

Regards, St├ęphane
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Thank you for the answer !

It was a certificate problem, i just redo the SSL part and it was OK then !


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