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Can i add computer manually in OCS [closed]


I wanted to know if it's possible to create, add a computer or a device manually in the administrative console (localhost/ocsreports) ?

I didn't find how to, but maybe it's not possible yet.

exemple : i have a device (switch, screen, printer, etc) and i want to add in the administrative console manually without OCSagent.

Is it possible or no ?

Thanks everyone
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2 Answers

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Yes it's possible You can product a xml file with all the informations on the equipement and load it
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Thanks to answer me!

I'll try your solutions and i guess it's gonna work and my boss accept the method.
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You know that you have also an agent who can add equipements with only snmp informations: you will have more informations on your equipment.

The agent can be on the server if the server is a linux computer.
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I saw it's possible but some devices need to be add manually because they go for another commpany, and some of companies disabled their snmp request.

And yes, my server is a linux computer (Debian 7)
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