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larger files are corrupt 64K

I created a Blob type fields (file) to manage the bills. But larger than 64kb files (<2MB) are corrupt. 
Phpinfo () -> post_max_size = 8M & upload_max_filesize = 8M.
So I do not understand why. 
Thank you in advance,
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3 Answers

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By default, OCS can load 100 Mb file size (see ocsinventory-reports.conf file).

Question: which version of ocs have you installed or are you using?
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thanks for your answer.

Ocs version 2.0.5 is installed on a debian 6.0.4 (VirtualBox)

Ocsinventory-reports.conf looks good :

php_value post_max_size 101m

php_value upload_max_size 100m

Where are the files stored ?
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For ocsinventory-reports.conf, you found where this file is stored.

Verify php.ini values. In debian, this file is stored in /etc/php5/apache2
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