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child exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

a connection of the agent is acknowledged with "Segmentation fault (11)" in Apache Eror logfile.

how to debug?

- Debian GNU/Linux 9.6 (stretch)
- Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) mod_perl/2.0.10 Perl/v5.24.1 configured
- mysql mysql-client      5.5.9999+default
        mysql-common      5.8+1.0.2
        mysql-server      5.5.9999+default
        mysql-server-5.5  5.5.60-0+deb8u1
- apache2 error.log
[Tue Jan 08 15:56:31.140005 2019] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 18686] AH00163: Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) mod_perl/2.0.10 Perl/v5.24.1 configured -- resuming normal operations
[Tue Jan 08 15:56:31.140018 2019] [mpm_prefork:info] [pid 18686] AH00164: Server built: 2018-11-03T18:46:19
[Tue Jan 08 15:56:31.140027 2019] [core:notice] [pid 18686] AH00094: Command line: '/usr/sbin/apache2'
[Tue Jan 08 15:56:31.140035 2019] [core:debug] [pid 18686] log.c(1546): AH02639: Using SO_REUSEPORT: yes (1)
[Tue Jan 08 15:56:31.140044 2019] [mpm_prefork:debug] [pid 18686] prefork.c(1032): AH00165: Accept mutex: none (default: sysvsem)
[Tue Jan 08 15:56:31.146509 2019] [watchdog:debug] [pid 19217] mod_watchdog.c(563): AH02980: Watchdog: nothing configured?
[Tue Jan 08 15:56:31.148869 2019] [watchdog:debug] [pid 19219] mod_watchdog.c(563): AH02980: Watchdog: nothing configured?
[Tue Jan 08 15:57:26.836536 2019] [authz_core:debug] [pid 19217] mod_authz_core.c(809): [client] AH01626: authorization result of Require all granted: granted
[Tue Jan 08 15:57:26.836613 2019] [authz_core:debug] [pid 19217] mod_authz_core.c(809): [client] AH01626: authorization result of <RequireAny>: granted
[Tue Jan 08 15:57:27.236945 2019] [core:notice] [pid 18686] AH00052: child pid 19217 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

- OCS Inventory NG Agent Version
- OCSInventory.log

Starting OCS Inventory NG Agent on Tuesday, January 08, 2019 15:57:26.
AGENT => Running OCS Inventory NG Agent Version
AGENT => Using OCS Inventory NG FrameWork Version
AGENT => Loading plug-in(s)
    DLL PLUGIN => Searching for Plug-in DLL(s) in folder <C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent\plugins>
    DLL PLUGIN => 0 DLL Plug-in(s) successfully loaded on 0 DLL(s) found
AGENT => Using network connection with Communication Server
    COM PROVIDER => Loading Communication Provider <C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent\ComHTTP.dll>
AGENT => Using Communication Provider <OCS Inventory NG cURL Communication Provider> Version <>
AGENT => Sending Prolog
    DID_CHECK => Read DeviceID <MD2000-2018-09-03-16-29-45> and MACs <44:8A:5B:41:79:DA80:86:F2:09:74:B300:FF:03:C4:70:3C80:00:60:0F:E8:0002:00:4C:4F:4F:5000:50:B6:73:4B:5E0A:00:27:00:00:19> in file <ocsinventory.dat>
    COM SERVER => Initializing cURL library for sendRequest
    COM SERVER => Using cURL without server authentication
    COM SERVER => Disabling cURL proxy support
    COM SERVER => Disabling cURL SSL server validation support
    COM SERVER => Sending HTTP Post request to URL <>
    WARNING *** COM SERVER => Failed to send HTTP Post request <Server returned nothing (no headers, no data)>
    COM SERVER => Cleaning cURL library
================= TRACE START ===============

================= TRACE STOP ===============
ERROR *** AGENT => Failed to send Prolog <Server returned nothing (no headers, no data)>
AGENT => Unloading communication provider
AGENT => Unloading plug-in(s)
AGENT => Execution duration: 00:00:01.
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4 Answers

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sorry to say I have no solution, but I have the same problem. Have been searching for my configuration error with no luck, so now I am quite happy to have at least found a soul mate :).

I am playing on a new system with OCS 2.6-RC (Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) mod_perl/2.0.10 Perl/v5.24.1) on Debian. So far I thought about vhost problems, but Apache logs show exactly the same behaviour as your system

[Tue Jan 08 19:48:29.984384 2019] [authz_core:debug] [pid 12949] mod_authz_core.c(809): [client] AH01626: authorization result of <RequireAny>: granted
[Tue Jan 08 19:48:30.455823 2019] [core:notice] [pid 8423] AH00052: child pid 12949 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

I am running OCS2.2 on an older system very happily, so I am not so sure there must be a problem with the code.

But I am looking forward to answers from people with knowledge.

Good luck us both.

Kind regards,

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Maybe similar to this one?


Seems to be related to the sql client version....
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Thanks for the information,

adelphi's temporary fix

  apt-get install libmariadbclient18=10.1.26-0+deb9u1
  apt-mark hold libmariadbclient18

solved my problem. ;)

Thanks to adelphi and the community for the fast support!

Kind regards,
Martin (Mortmar)

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Hi Everybody,

I would like to confirm that downgrading libmariadbclient18 also resolved my problem.

Thank You all.


Martin (samspade)

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