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Customize administrative data section?

Server Version: 2.4


I'm working lately on the configuration of my OCS-Inventory Server and in order to do so I created my own plugin which is able to read certain environment variables from a computer.

If I want to access the data, I choose the specific computer in the "All computers" section and then go to "Software." In that topic my required data is displayed in a table with its corresponding values. So that works just fine.

Nevertheless, this is not that practical at all if I always have to select software. Therefore I want to figure out how I can read the data from the upper part of the administrative data section instead of the software section.

Does someone have an idea how I can achieve that?

Thank you in advance :D
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2 Answers

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I've got the same problem. 

I used customapp from ocs to collect actual data from pc, but it is visible only in Miscellaneous

I wish to use it in administrative data section from "All Pc's" data page

Maybe we'll have to ask for plugin ???

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Hi Say10,

Do you have the steps to configure your own plugin? Is there any docs available?

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