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Synchronization between servers

I want to synchronize two servers, but I dont know how to generate ocs file, needed for doing that.

I do all like in manual, http://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/index.php?title=Documentation:Synchoserv.

If I switch Generate_OCS_FILE to On, should it genearate automatically or  I need manually generate it with some script.

I use the latest version of server 2.2.1 for Unix.

Thanks in advance!
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2 Answers

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You have to generate manually or via crontab the inventory of the slave and then inject it in the master.


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Thanks Frank,

Could you tell me more how to generate inventory ocs file on the slave?

With which script I can do this?

With ocsinventory-injector.pl I can inject ocs to master, I understand that.
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  • windows slave => use /local option to set the directory where you want store the .ocs file. The command will be this : ocsinventory-agent.exe /local c:\temp 
  • unix like slave => use --local option. The command will be this : ocsinventory-agent --local /tmp  
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