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Inventory devices

Is it possible to inventory devices with Windows CE 5.2 OS?

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I already have search a lot the best way to do so.

I ended up with a script that

- extract inventory data from the device management tool (for me that was HP thin clients thus I extrat the data from the HP DeviceManager database)

- create an .OCS file for each device

- import generated .OCS files into OCS Server using ocs perl injector.


I am doing the same thing for other thin client types (ie : Wyse with ThinOS -> data extracted from WDM).






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Hi Sylvie,

Could be possible to know how you did it? I am facing the same problem at my Work.

Thank in advance,

      -- Iván

Hi Iván,

Are you using either HP Device Manager or Wyse Device Manager ?

The scripts are slightly different depending of your answer.

I only have developped scripts to extract data from these 2 device managers.

If you are using another one, i can only help you by giving one of the script as example.


Hi again Sylvie,

We are using HP Device manager. One option we are taking in study is to build the script using SNMP.

Thanks for the quick reply!


Hi again,

I just wrote an answer including the code we use but it raised a message "Maximum length is 8000 characters".
I started splitting my answer in small blocks but this is really too few characters for such an answer.

Do you know this forum good enough to post an answer longer than 8000 characters ?
I was quite used to the "old" forum but not the new one.


Hi Sylvie,

Maybe you can share your code and knowledge through sourceforge.net, or pm me with the answer, as you wish.

Hi Sylvie, can you share the script in ocsinventory wiki?

Thanks a lot

Best regards

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